The company Sound Laie It is the result of a vocation of service and passion for technology and electronics, around the sound and music.

Santiago Gaeta experience is very extensive, technical training is in Electrical Engineering Industrial, its beginnings were in Nova range at Catalunya (old Chain 13) and it is currently Chain 100. He also worked as a sound technician with Intermon, two educational projects in touring Spain.

His experience as an engineer continued with the assembly of the present facilities of dubbing studios Soundtrack, in Barcelona.

Laie Sound is the result of the enthusiasm and professionalism of its founding partner Santiago Gaeta

Also part of the company Pal Fiction, as Head Workshop JVC official SAT Spain. In this last stage he dealt with technical facilities for professional video sets and auditoriums.

He currently directs the project Sound Laie, company that is providing professional services image and sound For businesses, public administrations, associations and schools.